The Role Of Creativity In Student Learning In The 21st Century

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The role of creativity in enhancing students’ learning in the classrooms of the twenty-first century has a central position in curriculum development today. As a key component of a global paradigm shift that emphasizes collaboration, there are many reasons why creativity and innovation are especially important for student learning now more than ever. “Life in the twenty-first century is marked by great uncertainty; this, in part, is due to unprecedented social, economic, and global changes…Students will need to be equipped to successfully navigate the increasingly complex and ill-defined nature of life in the twenty-first century” (Beghetto, 2010, p. 447). The opportunities for developing unique solutions to the complex challenges in our time require these creative processes as a foundation for the leaders of tomorrow. They must be learned in the schools of today, which is a global objective that teachers everywhere are beginning to adopt as a part of their teaching strategies in the classroom. Preparing students for a global society is an organizational task that leaders have been developing together over the course of the past decade or longer (National Education Association, 2016). It means the difference between success and failure in many areas of human concern that include business enterprise, government, and providing solutions for the challenges of sustainability practices that are required for a growing population. The focus on creativity in student learning for

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