Out Of Our Minds Quote Analysis

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“The impossible yesterday is routine today. Wait until tomorrow” (Robinson K., 2011, pg. 34). This quote is from the first book our class read, Out of Our Minds by Ken Robinson. This is my favorite quote from this book, since it shows that you can continue to excel and create better things each and every day. Just imagine what you can add to that with additional knowledge of creativity. I feel that I am an extremely creative person and I can achieve a great amount with my creativity, however, I wanted to learn further information. Thus, taking this quote and my level of creativity into account, I shopped online to choose a book that I felt I would enjoy and that would assistance me in becoming a more creative person. I ended up choosing Steal…show more content…
Steal Like an Artist talks about education and creativity. Unfortunately, Austin Kleon does not go into depth about creativity in the classroom, but he did say, “School is one thing. Education is another. The two don’t always overlap” (Kleon A., 2012, pg. 19). I think in todays society people do not expect creativity in education. Teachers just teach to the test because they want their students to do well on the standardized tests. I feel like school should be teaching students to be creative, and allowing students to use their mind in more ways than just memorizing to the test. Ken Robinson goes more into depth about creativity in education but both Robinson and Kleon agree that there should be creativity in education, “The challenge now is to transform education systems into something better suited to the real needs of the 21st century. At the heart of this transformation there has to be a radically different view of human intelligence and of creativity” (Robinson K., 2011, p. 14). In class we have also talked about how using creativity will allow students to remember things better, therefore they are educating themselves. If students do a dance that represents the solar system, they will be more likely to remember the solar system better. I think creativity in the classroom will allow students to learn in different ways and then the student will be getting a better
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