The Role Of Crimes In Zone One And The Real World

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In a good amount of cases, the unemployed citizens of the world end up being told they're not good enough and are forced to perform various tasks for the upper class in order to make a few dollars while employed citizens benefit and live a successful life. The unemployed also get picked on by the employed in various ways. A major example being whenever a dreadful task such as moving heavy items presents itself an upper class person will hire a lower class citizen for next to nothing to perform the task so the employed person doesn’t have to. For a few measly dollars lower class citizens are putting themselves in harm's way and suffering all because the higher up person isn’t up to the task. The amount of bullying and suffering that the …show more content…

This quote refers to when Gary took a drug which he believed would help ease pain, but he really ended up being forced to take the drug because the group of sweepers viewed Gary as “annoying.” Gary ends up being a prime example of drug use throughout the novel. The item that stood out is the group of sweepers is comprised of lower class citizens that has the mentality that harmful drugs can be helpful in cases. Some may believe that is true, but the norm with the types of drugs used in Zone One is to stay away from them because they generally cause harm. The sweeper group basically disregarded that norm and took a gamble anyway. In relation to the real world the norm of staying away from drugs is disobeyed fairly often as well. The connection between Zone One and our society regarding crime is that the lower class and unemployed are often at the center of crime. An instance that comes to mind is when a violent crime such as an armed robbery or murder occurs a lower class citizen oftentimes appears as the perpetrator. Due to the many crime cases involving the unemployed or lower class citizens a stereotype of the lower class has been created where almost every lower class citizen is viewed as a person who is likely to commit crime. That stereotype was applied to Zone One with Mark and the rest of the sweepers being at the center of every crime which was most commonly drug use that occurred throughout the novel.

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