The Role Of Environmental Problems In The Gulf Of Mexico

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With The Gulf of Mexico being the ninth largest body of water in the world, it is obvious that there may be a few environmental problems. The estuaries of The Gulf of Mexico are being destroyed and there is no one to point fingers at except ourselves. Estuaries provide humans with many uses and benefits such as a water supply, trading ports, agricultural support, sport and commercial fisheries, and even recreational uses for swimming or jet skiing. People from all over the world come to our city of Pensacola just to enjoy our beautiful gulf that we take for granted and treat horribly. Tourism in the gulf generates around $20 billion per year, while the waters yield about 1.51 billion pounds of fish and shellfish in 1996. In 1996, the Gulf of Mexico also contributed 57% of the entire oyster production in the United States. …show more content…

According to the EPA, Texas and Louisiana are ranked first and second in the US for releasing the most amount of toxic chemicals. With the help of their neighboring states, so many unwanted nutrients flow into the gulf-- fertilizer is said to contribute up to 25% of the nutrient input. Nitrogen and phosphorus are both found in the Gulf of Mexico which could be deadly to both humans and animals. Too much of these nutrients in the water can result in rapid algae growth, which in turn harms the water, food, habitats, and even leads to hypoxia. Hypoxia has actually been documented for over 7,000 square miles along the coast of only Louisiana and

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