The Role Of George In Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Will lennie and george be together for ever? Also, if not, how so. In the book “ Of Mice and Men.” by Allen Steinbeck, it's a story about to men who travel together going to a ranch looking for work. In the story, though george may seem like he may leave lennie, he most likely never will. This is because although lennie can get george very frustrated, he won’t leave him because he enjoys his company and he does it for lennie's Aunt Klara. In the story george proves he won't leave lennie in different ways.For example, when he says ”I want you to stay with me, lennie.”(13).This is clear evidence george wants to stay with lennie. He perfectly says he wants to stay with him and with an appropriate tone of voice. It also shows that he is open

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