The Role Of Hr Manager Serving As A Strategic Business Partner

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The ABC Technology Company is a technology based company that operates in California. Currently the company has 250 employees with the opportunity to grow 100% in the next two years. Technology is a very rapid industry currently and ABC Technology Company is trying to capitalize and grow their business. Their current problems include a high turnover rate, problems with staffing and the retention of current employees. To capitalize on the future growth of the company and also eliminate or lower the problems it is currently facing, an HR plan will be created. This plan will provide an explanation and the importance of the role of the HR manager serving as a strategic business partner. Next, an assessment of what HR policies, procedures and…show more content…
The four reasons that HR managers should be strategic business partners are ; to increase productivity of the labor force which will in return increase the profitability of the organization, it helps with competency and talent management, business is a changing environment and to neutralize the effects of globalization in the business landscape7. HR managers can increase the productivity of the labor force by using different policies, procedures and practices. HR managers can also work to increase pay and benefits that the company offers to increase productivity. When employees are productive, the company will make money and thus more profitable. Talent management and competence are also important for a workforce. If employees are not set to be successful or competent, then a high turnover rate will occur. Instead through the incorporation of policies, procedure and practices, employees can become competent and their talent managed correctly. This will in turn increase the retention and lower the turnover rate, which in effect saves the company money. The changing business environment is very fast paced and busy as well as stressful. This could be a large contributor to the high turnover rate and low retention rates. The HR manager can make a significant impact in reducing the attitude in the environment and improve the method of handling constant change. Globalization has made a large impact on business. Through policies, procedure and practices, the
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