The Role Of Investigative Workshop On My Adjacent Sides Essay

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Investigative Workshop Theatre
Workshop 1:

The workshop started by introducing about myself and students on my adjacent sides [left and right]. The arrangement of the seating was different from normal lecture which was circular so that a single student can see all in the circle group. This arrangement looked professional and developed enthusiasm.
Certain small activities were put forth between pairs of students which in turn made us to learn and understand the skills that we need to possess as managers and students.
Students were grouped into three consisting five to seven students, called Community of Practice. Each group was given an organization setting to make with dumpty manager and irresponsible staff. This setting of each group was observed and made us learn the worst managerial methods.
The main aim of workshop 1 was to understand what is reflective learning and how to use it in both personal and professional development. I felt that being reflective is very important in management as it helps in analyzing the situation and decision making.
Workshop 2:

We were given the task in the previous workshop based on organization setting we made and the task was to make a contract. The contract objective was ‘how to behave with each other and together’ in organization.
It is important to have an agreement between employees in the organization for better understanding and teamwork. From the previous workshop’s organization setting observation, I understood how to not

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