The Role Of Kim Jong-Un In The Collapse Of North Korea

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The collapse of the North Korean regime would result in major political, social, and economic changes in the peninsula, and across the globe. Kim Jong-Un should be kept in his position of power, only if he can be persuaded to convert the country from isolated communist into an open Constitutional monarchy. This change would be far superior to just assassinating Jong-Un, as the latter would leave a power vacuum that could be filled by a worse party that would utilize Korea’s nuclear arsenal to attack the West. Another idea by a few would be to seize power from Kim Jong-Un and just reunite the two Korea’s. The problem with this idea is that the two countries have vastly different economic situations. The difference in the income per person is…show more content…
This is due to his predecessor not letting IAEA inspectors acquire a full scope of the country’s nuclear program, which includes proof that the obtained plutonium wasn’t being incorporated in warheads. Before long, he rolled ahead and expelling the inspectors while plans for reopening a plutonium reprocessing plant were underway (Norris & Kristensen, 2005). Thereupon in 2009 after readmitting inspectors, Kim Jong-Il expelled inspectors yet again and informed the IAEA that the nuclear program would be resuming (Landler, 2009). This was a horrible, terrible move on the leader’s part. North Korea was well on its way to being view in a positive light again until they expelled inspectors on two different occasions. Essentially all of the aid they were receiving at the time was cut, which was a devastating blow to the country as it still hadn’t recovered from the famines in the late 1980’s early 1990’s. Now his son, Kim Jong-Un, has more or less been screwed over as now he has inherited power from his father’s mistakes of their nuclear program and the lack of foreign…show more content…
The aftermath of such a death could quite possibly be comparable to the death of Alexander the Great. His death resulted in several parties, especially those who commanded large portions of Alexander’s armies, struggling to fill the void of Alexander’s death. That resulted in a multitude of years that consisted of in-fighting within the once mighty empire. Now, imagine the same situation, just with the possibility of nuclear warheads pointed at South Korea, Japan, and, quite possibly, the United States. There would be generals who would commandeer the military bases and stockpiles plus any other country trying to fill this power vacuum. This would result in an assortment of tiny “Empires” throughout the Korean peninsula all fighting for control. So to add another hypothetical into this paragraph, put the United States right next to China and/or Russia in this fight. Something like this could transition a fight from South-East Asia all the way to a global scale. Should everything pan out like this, it could be the start of a third world
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