The Role Of Media On Influencing The Way People Perceive The Relationship And Punitive Attitudes Between Race And Crime Essay

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Introduction Public knowledge of a crime is predominantly obtained from the media. Crime-related media such as crime on the news and crime-dramas has proven to serve as a great impact in how countless individuals feel about the world surrounding them, and even more importantly, how they feel about the criminals portrayed by the media. This research paper examines the role the media plays on influencing the way people perceive the relationship and punitive attitudes between race and crime. In my hypothesis, I believe that the majority of the participants in this research will presumably perceive Blacks/ African Americans as criminals. The reason I presume participants will most likely steer towards Blacks/ African Americans being criminals is for the reason that recently there has been numerous encounters of police brutality portrayed in the media. Police officers have been under critical observation due to the excessive reports relating to brutality, discrimination, and self-defense. The way the media illustrates these stories on the news, shapes and constructs criminals and their crime based on age, gender and ethnicity to society. Thereby, this has led societies to question the role of the media and crime and has led to many debates about the effects of the media on individuals and on crimes. The survey created to conduct this research consists of twelve questions. Males and females were asked to take this survey and later the results were evaluated side to side to

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