The Role Of Military Alliances On Society And The Economy Of Technological Developments Since 1945

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Postwar America

11.9.2 Understand the role of military alliances.
Military alliances are used as a symbol of influence, as well as a deterrent from those who threaten to go to war otherwise.

11.11.2 Discuss the significant domestic policy speeches of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton (e.g., with regard to education, civil rights, economic policy, environmental policy).

11.9.3 Trace the origins and Geopolitical consequences
The problems that the Americans and the Russians faced was due to a period of high tension debates between the two countries leaders.

11.8.7 Describe the effects on society and the economy of technological developments since 1945.

Section 1

1.a) The key issues during the 1952 elections would have to be the Cold war, and the civil rights movement.

b) The checkers speech got a lot of backing for Nixon because previously people didn’t trust Nixon that much because he lied.

2. a)Brinkmanship was the term describing the action of going very nearly to war with Russia. Massive retaliation was the threat we had if Russia went to war with us. Then Russia got the Warsaw pact, its version of NATO.

b) Both we pacts to deter the other party from going to war with one another, the NATO was also used though to render aid to those who need it.

c) The weaknesses of Dulles’s policies was that all you would get out of it was M.A.D.

3. a) The conflicts in Egypt and the vietnam were caused by the tensions felt by
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