The Role Of Muslim Women During The Islamic World

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The role of Muslim women in the Islamic world is one has been widely discussed criticized by many people. The most common perceptions are of women living under the oppressive dictatorships of their husbands, forced into marriage, and constantly covered under the veil. The discussion of Muslim women and their roles are an important, firstly because there have been many misconceptions by non-Muslims which needs to be corrected and addressed. Secondly, some Muslim countries treat women unjustly in the name of Islam when in reality their actions are often a result of cultural or tribal customs and not Islam. Despite the stereotypical belief that Islamic women are treated unequally and cruelly, many women today are challenging this stereotype and actively affirming their rights and responsibilities that they believe the Qur 'an affords to them. Islam generally improved the status of women since the early Islamic culture, from prohibiting female infanticide to recognizing women’s full personhood. In early Islamic culture, women didn’t have most of the basic human rights. The practice of female infanticide was widely practiced among some of the Arab tribes. The first and foremost contribution that Islam did was to raise the social status of the Arab women so they have the right to live. Islam banned this inhuman practice and view the practice as a crime and murder. Thus, the Qur 'an viewed both the attitude of contempt and shame concerning the birth of a female child and the

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