The Role Of Revenue And The Number Of Homicides

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Unit 7 DB 1 Introduction Today conflict theory is a significant theoretic custom within the field of sociology. It asserts that certain segments of society benefit excessively from proven economic and social arrangements, which leads them to hire the state 's coercive force in upholding that imbalance. However this conception of disadvantage and power was initially a purely economic viewpoint, ethnic and racial identities have turn out to be an integral share of conflict theory as they are discussed today. It reflects the piece of information that poverty, crime and race are indissolubly connected within American society, and when we look at the bigger picture of imbalance which is an important step to understanding the repressive ends for which the state power may be exerted. We will take a look at this research that takes a look at the study of the relationship between revenue and the number of homicides that are committed by LEOs (law enforcement officers in major US cities between 2000 and 2015, while also taking into consideration the racialized socioeconomic lines which threat is frequently perceived by ascendant groups and converted into increased levels of strong-arm type of social control. Literature Review The utilization of resources and state power is a matter of great importance in our society, and for sociologists who have created two key competing viewpoints on these types of governmental decisions. Cohn, Barkan, and Halteman (1991); Shelden (2001) stated

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