The Role Of Teacher Evaluation

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The role of teacher evaluation is a current topic in education discussions. Teacher evaluation is a tool that has been influential for a long time in United States history. Teacher evaluation is a powerful tool in education which means that the old and current systems need to be reformed to make a newer system as efficient as possible. Consequently, teacher evaluation has been reformed over many centuries in the United States. During the late 18th century there were hardly any instances of what may seem to appear as attempts to truly evaluate the way teachers perform and act. Forms of teacher evaluation did not appear in education until the end of the first half of the 20th century; therefore, there has been a tremendous amount of time for changes in teacher evaluations to arise (Shinkfield & Stufflebeam, 1995). For example, according to Anthony J. Shinkfield and D.L. Stufflebeam, “The first coordinated, nationwide attempt to assess teachers, and reward them accordingly, occurred in England during the late Victorian era which was called payment by results” (Shinkfield & Stufflebeam, 1995, p.11). This meant that if students who attended government funded boarding schools were able to grasp concepts of basic learning, then a teacher would see his or her income increase in value (Shinkfield & Stufflebeam, 1995). Therefore, teacher evaluation at the time related to the particular amount of income a teacher would be expected to make (Shinkfield & Stufflebeam, 1995). This meant
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