The Role Of Technology In Dance

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Did you know that dance has been handed down for centuries from one body to another? But little by little it has been moving into the electronic era. Technology has been used in dance for several decades to record and reproduce existing choreography, but the means and results have exponentially grown more sophisticated in recent years. Technology has also been used increasingly to ornament or enhance the look and content of dances on a stage and event to affect how they unfold;technology spacing is being used as a creative tool for choreographers.It spacing only makes sense that we would think to combine dance and technology in order to achieve a state of performance never before possible.To spacing understand how technology has become a part of performance, we can begin by understanding the role of technology in other aspects of our lives. As technology becomes smaller yet more powerful, it has contributed to everyday tools that allow for a more connected, efficient world. The use of technology can be a great tool for dancers but it is essential that it serve the creative process and the aesthetics of the product. Highlight – Thesis statement? It is important for the technology to be related to the content of the dance to serve the core idea of the work. Dawn Stoppiello of Troika Ranch feels that there must be a link between the media being used and the context of the work. She says, “I choose the kind of sensing system based on the kind of metaphoric meaning I want to

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