The Role Of Traditional Gender Roles On Women

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We all know the classic fairy tale of a beautiful princess locked up far and high away in a tower guarded by a dragon waiting for her prince charming to save her. It’s a timeless tell of a knight in shining armor saving his princess, but why did the princess need saving from the tower. Couldn’t she have been contempt in the tower? Why did a Prince charming have to save her, when Princess Charisma was just as brave enough as her brother? Moral of the story why did the princess have a prince rescue her. Women can do the same as a man can. Traditional gender roles in relationships have been around for years and years. They have been an outline for most heterosexual relationships. The man brings home the bacon and the woman cooks it. That’s …show more content…

Some have asked me “who’s the woman in the relationship?” and I remain dumbfounded. I mean, the objective answer would have to be neither myself nor my boyfriend — that’s sort of a given in a relationship between men, no? What dictates the “roles” that gay men play in relationships, and how does our behavior align with, or diverge from traditionally heteronormative gender roles? It’s true that neither is expected to do anything; so then the question becomes: are both men expected to do everything? What happens in a situation where two people in a relationship have both been groomed by society to play the same role? (Ersing).
Ersing does make a valid point when he refers to an altercation when a friend asked who is the woman in the relationship? A more better response should have been does it matter? If he holds down his boyfriend, and the boyfriend holds down him, then why label. Why diminish any male’s masculinity? Who is to say that the more feminine male cannot be the dominate one in the relationship. Cannot the more feminine one be the working man and the masculine guy be the stay at home spouse. As a society, it is up to us to break the mold of heteronormative gender roles unfairly imposed on by society to gay men. Throughout my research on this topic, I took the imitative to expand my research to place closest to home. I asked one of my closest friends CB Snowden. She so

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