The Role Of Women During The Renaissance And Enlightenment

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Throughout the history of Europe, the role of women has drastically been altered. The Middle Ages saw peasant women working side by side with their husbands and taking care of their children at home. As time passed by, women were given an increased amount of rights, and then the cottage industry took over, providing thousands of women the opportunity to work as in the comfort of their home. The eruption of the agricultural revolution and technological advance soon swept England and the continent, further increasing opportunities. Work was now done in factories, which started off as family units for convenience, but soon split off because of increasing urbanization and industrialization. The 19th century saw such alterations, and the role of a woman came under investigation as mothers were unable to perform their necessary house duties and take care of the children, because of the need to work. As the role of women changed within the Renaissance and Enlightenment, it would also adapt to the new urban, industrial landscape. Although monetarily these changes proved to be favorable, the social developments brought by the Industrial revolution separated the family, led to more dangerous work both physically and mentally, and also stood as a challenge to femininity, all to the extent of changing everyday life. As the birth of industrialization and urbanization took place, it greatly affected the everyday lives of working-class women. In the beginning, as factories lacked a

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