The Role Of Women 's Leadership Roles Essay

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THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP 11 THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP 12 The Role of Women in Leadership Edward Minter SOC 402: Contemporary Social Problems & the Workplace Dr. Peggy Morrison October 17, 2016 In our society, men are usually always in the role of being a leader. We see, men as leaders in Politics, in the military, as CEO?s of major companies and in churches just to name a few of areas men are leaders. Why do women in the same fields not get the recognition as men who are in the same areas of work? This argument have been in our society and across the world about women in leadership roles for a very long time. But, over the years history has changed, and we have begun to see females in major leader roles. However, still there is a lot of work for women in the role of leadership. Competing with men in leadership and also being equal i.e., pay has been a work in progress for years. Are women good leaders? Will we ever see a female President in the near future? In this paper, I will address and answer my own questions and some of the history of women in leadership roles. We strive to see what the differences between a male and female doing the same role in leadership, and why women are always looked at as weak and not suitable for leaders. The era I received most of the information about women in leadership roles were the early 1900?s. During this time, women started becoming Senators, Congresspersons, CEO?s and other important roles in

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