The Role Of Women's Health Care

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In this essay, the theme is focused on President Trump’s actions and mindset towards women's health care. The original article is called, “Trump relaxes Employer's Duty on Birth Control”, by Robert Pear and Rebeca R. Rulz. But the article was revised on October 6, 2017, and it is now titled as, “ Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth Control Mandate.” The article represents inequalities of women's health care, focusing on birth control. Trumps Administration wants to deny the rights of women insurance that covers birth control, and I believe that the role of gender and society are two main reasons why Trumps Administration would think it is acceptable to deny certain treatments for women. President Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth…show more content…
When reading ‘Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth Control Mandate’, I realized how much gender and society have an affect on people and in the world. The definition of gender is traits and expectations linked by culture to each sex, which proves that gender is a social construct that affect people's daily lives. There are general ideas that hold expectations of how women and men should behave and how they should dress affect one's state of mind. Gender socialization is the process of learning the ideal behaviors that are portrayed by men and women. The reason why men and women behave certain ways is because they are learning social ways that are put forth from society. Therefore, that is a reason why federal departments think they have the right to control or know what is best for women and their health care coverage. In this article, it is all about how society feels and how a particular gender is supposed to act. The administration isn't thinking about the individual women that depend on their health care coverage, but thinking about how they could benefit and profit from denying certain treatment of women. According to Max Weber, it is all about class, status, and party. Weber states, “Class is who you are financially, status is social honor, and parties are classed within the economic order and the place of status groups within the social order.” (Weber). Weber’s explanation of class, status, and party is correlated with the article, “Trump
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