The Role of Fashion Trends on the Day to Day Life of People

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It’s usually all over the place, in the magazines, on the internet, T.V shows, and even while walking down the streets, you’re assured to encounter it. What else would it be, other than fashion trends that everyone is talking about? Fashion trends have always been playing an important role in many people’s day to day life and they are considered to be the latest style of clothing, hair or decoration that is developing and popular at a given time . Fashion trends have drastically evolved as time has passed and many looks have popped up in different eras. For instance, the swimming suit has evolved since the eighteenth century, where they were called bathing gowns and made out of fabric that covered the entire body .However, in the nineteenth century, this swimming suit became rather a shorter one, covering the female’s body from the shoulders all the way down to the knees. It is in the late twentieth century where the two-piece swimming suit, now called the bikini, became common. Fashion trends, however, can be compared to a circle, where we notice that some of the old trends have made their comeback .Some of these trends include the skinny jeans, crop tops, thigh-high boots, large hoop earrings, "the Bob" haircut, tie dye, and big purses. While clothing was once a simple human necessity used for warmth and modesty ,fashion trends have come a long way, now playing an important in people’s everyday life, allowing them to create an outlet to show off their creativity by

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