Venezuela Gender Roles Essay

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The clear distinction of gender roles has been evident since prehistoric times. Since then, many occurrences have shaped the roles of each gender. However, many individuals believe that there is no difference between male and females in terms of their working ability. Venezuela is one of the nations that has the privilege of gender equality. Venezuela is considered the Latin American nation with the highest gender equality (AVN- Correo del Orinoco International). This was done by social inclusion policies that the Venezuelan government has been working on, and is extremely productive for the nation. This motivates the women of the country to work harder and achieve success. These Venezuelan women have been able to attain active roles in political, commercial, and social aspects of the nation. Gender…show more content…
The Women’s International Democratic Federation has recognized their advancements, and is discussing Venezuela’s participation. In recent years, Venezuelan women have also increased their presence in the waging economy. During the early 2000s, about 42% of women were actively working (Errington). Certain laws such as those allowing their right to strike have also increased their impact. These women have also attained an enlarged post-natal maternity leave, job security for parents with a new born, and developments in childcare provision. Every workplace with more than twenty workers also has to provide a nursery for infants younger than six years old (Errington). In “A Doll’s House” the children were always taken care of by the nurse. Nora made this clear very early in the play “I have three of the loveliest children. I can’t show them to you just now; they’re out with their nurse” (Ibsen 5). This showed the distinction between Venezuelan women, and women in the play. Venezuelan women were given childcare in order to have the ability to work, in the play they had childcare if they could afford
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