The Role of the AD Nurse Essay

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The role of the AD nurse encompasses many areas and requires multiple skills. The AD nurse incorporates many techniques in order to provide holistic care for the patient and that of the patient’s family. As an AD nurse you are at the front line of patient care and must demonstrate patience, skill, knowledge, compassion, and respect in all that you do. To be a good nurse you must continue to actively learn in order to provide the most current treatments for your patients. This includes continuing education, evidence based research, and knowledge gained from other health care professionals. The role of the AD nurse is one of great responsibility and must be taken seriously. It is a challenging role that requires sacrifice and hard …show more content…

The nurse must be accountable and follow up on all delegated tasks to ensure that they are completed in a satisfactory manner. To achieve the best level of patient care the nurse must have knowledge of group dynamics and be able to communicate with all levels of the health care team. The AD nurse must be able to adapt to change within the schedule and use critical thinking to solve problems. During my clinical rotation I was responsible for planning the care of two patients each day. As one member of a team of three students it was important to communicate and work with the other members of my team to provide good patient care. Each morning prior to care my team and I would discuss our plan of action, designate tasks to individual team members, and discuss any concerns, issues and goals for the days care. I incorporated critical thinking when changing linens of immobilized patients. I adapted existing schedules for patient care to accommodate other nurses and patients who were sharing the room. This allowed us and other members of the nursing staff to complete tasks in an efficient and coordinated manor.
As a member of an interdisciplinary health team the AD Nurse must collaborate and develop collegial relationships with all levels of health care professionals. In order to provide complete holistic care for a patient the nurse must be able to incorporate care from multiple specialties and

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