Essay on The Role of the Soviet Union in World War II

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The Role of the Soviet Union in World War II I have always been fascinated with the period of history that focuses around the Second World War. Thus, it seemed only fitting that I chose the Soviet Union's role in World War II. I have divided this paper into several sections to help complete this task. The first section will deal with the fundamental, underlying causes of the war and how they relate to or involve the Soviet Union. The next section will deal with the immediate causes of World War II and the Soviet Union's role in them. The third section will deal with the battles the Soviet Union was involved in during the war, excluding the Battle of Stalingrad. That will be covered in the fourth section of the paper. The fifth …show more content…
Nationalism was also thriving within the Soviet Union at this time. Nationalism was especially strong in the Ukraine. The Ukrainians were especially hateful of Stalinism. In fact, they welcomed the German invasion in 1940. If only they knew about the horrors the Germans would bring to the Jewish population of the Ukraine. The second underlying cause of the Second World War is imperialism. This is very closely related to nationalism as it is extreme nationalism that causes nations to develop imperialistic attitudes. Let us begin with Germany once again. Hitler not only had a vision of uniting all of the German peoples under one government, but he also had a vision of total domination of Europe and possibly, the whole world. These views are very good examples of extreme nationalism and imperialism. Japan also had imperialistic views during this time period. The Japanese wanted to be masters of Eastern Asia and the Pacific and they also wanted the Europeans to leave the region, which can be seen as a nationalistic view. The Japanese began their imperialistic march and the war when they invaded Manchuria in 1931. So how does the Soviet Union fit into all of this? The imperialistic views of Germany and Japan were a great threat to the Soviet Union. Germany's desire for more land to the east was of great concern to the Soviet

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