The Roles Prospect Park Plays for Brooklyn

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Prospect Park is a 585-acre park located In Brooklyn, a borough in New York City. This borough in particular was in great need for an open space for activities and relaxation, which is exactly what this park provided. Parks are a very important piece of land to a town because it gives people the opportunity to improve their physical health and parks also help strengthen communities because it gives people more opportunities to interact with one another. Public parks are especially very important to have in a big city like New York City because a park gives people a chance to get out of the hustle and bustle, and relax and unwind. The two creators of Prospect Park named Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Bowyer Vaux also designed and created a park in Manhattan called Central Park. Central park is eight hundred-forty acres of city-owned land and is a piece of land that was much needed in 1857 when it was officially opened. Vaux and Olmstead became two well-known architects by building Central Park that soon became a big success, but didn’t equally benefit both the rich and the poor. Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead worked in a partnership to build Prospect Park. Vaux and Olmstead had similar goals for Prospect Park as they did for Central Park, but they agreed that their goals were better accomplished with Prospect Park because they were able to fix any mistakes they had made in the creation of Central Park. The two of them were able to introduce a bigger

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