The Roles of Food in Paradise of the Blind

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Set in the 1980s, Duong Thu Huong 's 'Paradise of the Blind ' narrates the life of a 20 years old Vietnamese lady, Hang, as she makes a long train ride to Moscow where she reflects on her childhood in Vietnam during the time of Communist reign. Throughout the novel, Huong conveys the story in the perspective of Hang using different motifs. Unquestionably, one such motif is the use food, which is recurrent and significant. In the two selected passages from Paradise of the Blind, Huong emphasizes that food, which reveals one 's status in the hierarchy of the social order, is often a powerful form of human expression that is used to quantify one 's love and respect from others, specifically among family members.

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Obviously, she hates the situation. Yet, although she can secretly sell Aunt Tam 's rings or seek help from Aunt Tam, she decides to stay with her mother and share the pain together as a family. She understands the importance of family and she knows that all Uncle Chinh has left in their family is his sister, Que. Hence, she respects how Que is sacrificing for him and keeps herself from complaining about the

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