The Roswell Ufo Crash

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The Roswell Crash
Grason Rasmussen
The UFO Crash at Roswell
Ms. Henson’s Class
March-April 2016

“The Roswell UFO Crash” The UFO crashed in 1947. The crash happened seventy-five miles from Roswell, New Mexico. The crash happened closer to Corona, New Mexico. The UFO was found by William Brazel. He found it while checking on the sheep after a thunderstorm. He thought he heard something explode but thought it was just thunder. He showed it to his neighbors and th said to report it to the sheriff. Brazel told the sheriff he might of found a UFO. The sheriff told the Roswell Air Force about the report. There is a lot of evidence to support there was a crash. Brazel said he saw strange blue lights. The UFO was said to …show more content…

Medical and special effects people said it was very easy to prove fake. Santilli said he made it because the first one was ruined. The film was said to be filmed in Fort Worth, Texas. The film was actually filmed in a London apartment. It was performed on a mannequin that was supposed to look like a alien.
There was many theories behind the crash. Air Force officials said it was a crashed weather balloon. Project Mogul was one of these many theories only high branches in the government knew the purpose of Project Mogul. There is not many facts to prove the Project Mogul theory right. Redfern was meet by unnamed sources to talk about the crash. Redfern burned all documents he used. Another theory is the two UFOs crashed and one was completely destroyed while the other crash a short distance away. Another theory is it was hit by lightning and …show more content…

The dummies looked like aliens so people thought they were actual aliens being tested on. During dummy drops military vehicles picked up the dummies as soon as possible. Alien bodies were said to be kept in hangar eighteen at Fort Worth, Texas but there was no hangar eighteen but there was a barracks eighteen. A book made in 2007 said Major Marcel saw alien bodies at the crash site. Flying saucers got there names from a pilot who saw something that flew like a goose and glided like a rock being skipped on water. Lieutenant Colonel Richard French said there was two crashes not one. Brazel told the military sorry for telling so many people about the crash. Edgar Mitchell said few people know the truth about bodies being recovered. Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin was told bodies had been recovered and was told not to tell anyone.
The U. S. government knows aliens have visited the earth but won’t admit it. Some higher classed generals couldn’t get proof about the crash. Brazel took debris to a radio station so many people knew about it quickly. An incomplete account was made to cover up the crash so people. William Woody tried to locate it he found it was told to leave by military personnel. Corso used reverse engineering on the UFO to find out how it works. Stuff that came from the crash made the idea for bullet proof vest and infrared scopes and

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