The Route of the Civil War Essay example

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When the Founding Fathers created this nation, they believed that the citizens of it would be held together through the common desire for equality and freedom. Contrary to their predictions, the definitions of equal and free came in to question through the persistent plunder of abolitionist and separated the crumbling democracy in to two sectors: North and South. The Civil War emerged out of this debate and started America on the long path towards change.
The War, although deeply rooted in our Nation’s beginnings, technically began with the attack on Fort Sumter. The union coveted this spot on confederate soil in order to present their power over the south.To the confederates, the fort was a symbol of the ever-present north, who was set our to hinder their economy and way of life. The confederates finally attacked the fort on April 12 1861 and the union, being short on supplies, surrendered. This was the mark of the beginning of the civil war.
The South started the war with a surprising amount of successes, considering the many advantages of the North. These advantages included, but we're not limited to, the majority of free males, fire arm construction, railroads and naval ship tonnage. From a shallow perspective, the Confederacy was hopeless. Yet many countries still predicted their victory. It could have been speculated that the Southern men were "rough and tough" due to their upbringing. The south was also fighting a defensive war, meaning that they only had to…

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