The Rowan Company : A Provider Of Offshore Contract Drilling Services

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The oil and gas industry is prevalent in the gulf coast economies and Houston, Texas specifically, with subsets of this industry comprising major sectors of workforce and financial foundations in the area. The Rowan Company is a major player within the industry both locally and worldwide.
The Rowan Company is a provider of offshore contract drilling services. In 2008, to combat confusion in intra-organizational communications and thwart overall inefficiencies in business processes caused by paper documentation and functional silo effect within departments and global offices, Rowan rolled out SAP as its new enterprise solution. Rowan had multiple breakdowns within its business processes and SAP was chosen to rectify each problem, simplify the business process, and adjust to future complications and additions to the process.

Before 2008, Rowan had no processes or means of collecting, storing, managing, or integrating master data which cost the organization time, money, and resources, thereby decreasing profit margins (1). The corporate hierarchy of Rowan was such that each department and region existed independently of one another. A significant symptom of the inability of Rowan to create enterprise-wide data processes was that each department, functional area, or region created differing databases producing many information silos across the organization. The extreme silo effect amongst the differing departments, functioning areas, and regions…

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