The Royal Bank Of Canada 's Purpose Essay

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Summary The Royal Bank of Canada’s purpose is to help clients thrive and communities prosper. The RBC Manager, Human Resources, is a full-time position responsible for guiding and managing the overall provision of services, policies, and programs of the organization. Primary objectives for this role include: development of a constantly improving workforce, development of an employee-oriented culture, and safety implementation. Essential Duties and Responsibilities 1. Implement and revise compensation programs. 2. Develop, analyze, and update current employee evaluation programs. 3. Oversee current policies and procedures, while seeking recommended changes. 4. Employee relations: recruiting, selecting, hiring, terminating of individuals. 5. Ensure the implementation of new employee orientation, training, as well as long-term employee relation counseling. 6. Maintain department records and reports. Job Specifications 1. Education of a BBA Human Resource major from a 4 year college or university, or 1-2 years of related experience. 2. PHR or SPHR certification. 3. Background of computer software applications. 4. Mathematica skills - the ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages and ratios to practical situations. Competencies 1. Negotiation techniques 2. Proper communication skills 3. Integrity 4. Maturity 5. Enthusiasm Workplace Relationship Interacts with internal relations of the company: establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships

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