The Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company

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A lot has happened over the last 50 years we’ve landed on the moon, saw the Berlin Wall fall, and even had our lives taken over by smartphones. Over all this time one thing has stayed constant, and that is the partnership of The Lego Group and The Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company. The seemingly unbreakable partnership between these two successful companies came crashing down in October of 2014 as a result of a smear campaign that was spearheaded by the environmental activist group Green Peace. Green Peace was able to challenge the partnership through an effective use of video and social media to spread Green Peace’s message. Green Peace created a public relations crisis for both Lego and Shell and forced the toy maker to choose whether to…show more content…
This dark and troubling YouTube video has been viewed about seven million times over the last year (, 2015), which shows just how wide spread the campaign has become.
To help with their campaign Green Peace hired Don’t Panic, a London based advertisement agency to help produce their viral video (Heltzel, 2014). By outsourcing to an advertisement agency to help with the creation of their video Green Peace insured that the video would be very eye catching and would reach Green Peace’s target audience. Don’t Panic’s final video was more than successful for Green Peace because they succeeded in getting the video to go viral and spread around the world. Green Peace hoped that by producing the video in all Lego’s they would make viewers want to find out more about the connection between Lego and Shell, and this viral video did exactly that.
In addition to the viral video, Green Peace mobilized supporters to go out and protest in front of Shell gas stations across the globe to help raise awareness of the proposed drilling plans. The Green Peace supporters dressed as Lego men and women and stood in front of Shell gas stations with signs that read “Don’t play with the Artic” (Payton, 2014). Green Peace was able to generate much more attention and support behind their campaign to break up the partnership between Lego and Shell by taking their campaign
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