The Rule Of The United States Constitution

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Change is Good Since the year of 1787, the United States Constitution has persisted as the highest law in our land. At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, delegates were determined to set the Articles of Confederation aside and devise a fresh concept. To ensure that we would have a government with rights and freedoms, the delegates created what was called the separation of powers. The reasoning behind the division of government was to ensure that no one branch could vanquish the other. As a result, three separate branches were created in the Constitution known as: the legislative, judicial and executive branches. Since the eighteenth century, America has changed significantly; and while we still uphold the same decrees that lie …show more content…

Aside from the numerous responsibilities required of those in the Executive Branch, they also gain certain powers within their domain. In Article II of the constitution the Executive Branch is given the power to enforce laws, but the main power to enforce laws belongs to the President. The Presidential powers listed in the U.S. Constitution include: “being able to veto a proposal for a law, appoint federal posts, negotiate foreign treaties with other countries, appoint federal judges, grant pardons, and pass something called an executive order”. The President is also the commander-in-chief, chief executive, legislative leader, and chief diplomat. Besides all of the power that the President has when elected into office, how does one get elected to be the leader of our great nation? Well don’t worry the constitution has rules regarding that as well. The constitution has three requirements to become eligible to run for president. One must be thirty-five years of age, be a resident within the United States for fourteen years, and you must be a natural born citizen. With those parameters set, the only thing left to do is vote. Electing the president is a carefully planned process that has been used since 1787 by the framers of the Constitution. The way we vote is through what is called the Electoral College. Over time, some states have altered the way they implement using the system, but the fundamentals

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