The Rule Of The Us Constitution

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The words democracy and republicanism are words most commonly used, but often misunderstood. The Father of the US Constitution, James Madison, has been an eye-opener for many who are still uncertain of what the words mean. When we think of the term democracy and republicanism, we automatically make an assumption that reflects on politics, power, voting, elections and parliaments. Madison, however; focused more on liberty, freedom, and what is right for the people. Simultaneously, he felt as if the people should choose who represents them and will make decisions on the issues based on what the people saw fit for their needs. In contrary to what Madison believe, he recognized that tyranny for majorities is a major threat to freedom. Therefore, a republicanism can be interpreted as a country owned by its people rather than by a monarch. Democracy, however; is the rule of the people, according to Madison. It is understood that representatives in a democracy is supposed to be balanced rather than unsteady. It is accurate that we do not govern by pure majority rule, because people within the government system simply do not understand the issues. In some form or another, there will be protection for minorities within their rules and laws and even with the substantial powers afforded to majorities in Parliament. In Madison’s paper, Federalist #10, he states that “The two great points of difference between a democracy and a republic are: first, the delegation of the government, in

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