The Rule Term Limits Rules

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There has been four major law change that affect the way that california is the way today.The first of the four changes is term limits, they change this rule so that there would be no more career politician , but that not the case. In the old rule term limits rules you were allowed to be in the senate for 6 terms and in the assembly for 3 term. Now the term limits you get 12 terms not matter where you are. This new system bring in a lot of advantage, and little disadvantage but there is always false in every system. The advantage to is that it helps to bring in new idea and people that can see thing different. But there also a disadvantage to this by bring in new blood ,we are taking about the season professional that know what they are doing. It stop the policiatian that was making a significant change. It can also go both ways when it comes to corruption , when a seasoned professional is up there he has built relationship with people and trying to help them not the people out. but on the other hand when new politician comes in they can be more easily influenced by people , causing corruption. This has also cause a problem with politician playing musical chairs with position. when they get elected for when of the position they are just starting to look and campaign for their next position. Due to term limit this is causing politician to be more self interested politician rather than political that focusing on being long term policy makers.This helps to interest groups…
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