The Rule Term Limits Rules

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There has been four major law change that affect the way that california is the way today.The first of the four changes is term limits, they change this rule so that there would be no more career politician , but that not the case. In the old rule term limits rules you were allowed to be in the senate for 6 terms and in the assembly for 3 term. Now the term limits you get 12 terms not matter where you are. This new system bring in a lot of advantage, and little disadvantage but there is always false in every system. The advantage to is that it helps to bring in new idea and people that can see thing different. But there also a disadvantage to this by bring in new blood ,we are taking about the season professional that know what they are…show more content…
Has to do with the citizen redistricting committee and gerrymandering. In the old rule politician could draw lines for registering during a election. They would draw district lines based on the census which left places either democratic and republican. The problem cause a problem the politician due not campaign anymore , because they already know they will win. when policiation due not campaign the are also less like to to compromise and come to agreement. The new rule is the citizen redistricting committee. now instead of politician drawing the lines, a group of citizen do it. They job is to stop gerrymandering and also to not violate any of the voting right act when drawing this lines.

The third rule the the budget rule. the old rules was that you need the majority of votes to pass a budget rule. they would need about two thirds of votes for it to pass. This rules caused a few problem like if the majority did not like the budget proposal that it was thrown away. Alo this cause to be late budget since it is hard for a budget to pass. It also cause use to borrow money from others since the is no budget rule, leading to us having a wall of debt. Now new budget rule is simple majority. A simple is a majority in which the highest number of votes cast for any one candidate, issue, or item exceeds the second-highest number, while not constituting an absolute majority. With having this kind of voting
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