The, Run, Running, Out, They 're Coming ! By Jose Garcia

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“RUN, RUN, RUN, they 're coming!” One of Jose’s friends said. “It was late one night on an empty street. There was hardly anything around and only a couple of street lights. I remember the sirens from the cop cars. They sounded distant at first, but the faster we ran the louder the sirens got.” In the reading of A Generation in Prison it states that latinos make up 31 percent of the inmates in a U.S. federal prison. Unfortunately Jose Garcia was once part of that 31 percent. Not to mention according to the U.S Department of Justice 67.8 percent of the 404,638 state prisoners released in 2005 were arrested within 3 years of release, and 76.6 percent were arrested within 5 years of release.
Due to personal reasons the person the writing is about asked to stay anonymous and is going by Jose Garcia instead. Growing up Jose lived in Salinas, California. Giving Jose a front row seat to a lot of gang bangers and horrid violence. Because of crime rates in Salinas, California it’s rated top five most dangerous city in California. He lived in a small home of two bedrooms with his mother, father, and his five younger siblings. “The one thing I hated most about that house was being stuck in a room with my siblings. We always fought and it was very crowded. I always tried to convince my mom that I deserved my own room because I was older. She’d always say the same thing. “You already know we don’t have the money for that right now. Maybe at a later time, if that 's in God’s plans.”

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