The Runaway Dialectical Journal

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As the last cart teetered on a wheel before coming to stand upright the dwarves and men slumped against its side, gasping for breath and wiping sweat from their brows.
"Aye, that'll do it, men." One of the men said, clapping another on the back. "What do you say to a restorative pint?"
“Or two!” another called.
There was a good deal of appreciative nodding and cheers as they pulled themselves to their feet and began making their way to the tavern.
The dwarves were gathering themselves when the man who had spoken called back.
"Aren't you lot coming?"
All the men had stopped, looking back at the dwarves.
The dwarves looked at one another, as if uncertain of what to do.
Fíli watched in silence, waiting.
Then someone stepped forwards; a menacing
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“That’s a pathetic reason.” She pronounced, walking towards a shelf and setting her basket down. “They can’t keep carrying on like this forever; they will get caught and next time it won’t be by me.” She turned around to face him. “The fact that they love each other should be the only thing that matters. And I think that if anyone has a problem with them they should keep their opinions to themselves.” She rounded on him with blazing eyes, but on catching sight of his face she stopped. “Are you alright, Fíli?”
Fíli wasn’t alright. He could feel the bile rising, his stomach churning.
He dropped the basket of apples and bolted for a window, throwing it open and drawing in great gasps of fresh air and swallowing deeply. Closing his eyes as the sickly sweet smell was expelled from his lungs. He felt a hand at his back and then Sigrid was pushing a cup of water into his hands. “Are you alright?” She repeated, anxiously. He nodded, eyes still closed. “Apples.” He explained. “Those barrels that your father found us in were used to hold cider, and we spent a while hurtling along that river.” He grimaced, pulling slowly away from the window and opening his eyes. Sigrid was looking at him incredulously. “Why on earth did you agree to carry them if you knew they would make you feel sick?” “Because you asked me to.” He replied. Sigrid’s mouth fell slightly open. “Fíli…” She began, but suddenly a movement in the shadows caught his
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