The Rush Of The Wind Flowing Through My Air

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The rush of the wind flowing through my air, the chill which encompassed my body from the icy wind, making my breathing speed up, my hands gripped ever so tightly against my ski poles, losing control my heart suddenly starts pounding rapidly as I see what’s right in front of me, I begin to tumble down the icy slope I then begin to ponder to myself, “Is this it?” That morning I woke up at my best friend Henry’s house, in Cincinnati, OH (we had to be no older than 11 at the time). Looking out the window I could see that frost had frozen over the window from the cold night before. Henry is next to wake up being how he would and always sleep in but, this morning was different. The aroma from searing bacon and pancakes quickly filled his bedroom, we both glanced at one another and quickly ran downstairs to the meal that we knew soon awaited us. (His father “Tom” is a very good cook.) As we made our way down the stairs and rounded the corner we were greeted by his mother “Libby”. She said in a soft spoken manor, “Slow down boys, there is plenty to go around.” We then stepped into the kitchen to find out that the rest of the family has already eaten and we were the last to eat. After finishing our meal his father walks in (imagine a 6’9 mid 30s man with a scruffy beard) Get ready to leave in the next hour we are heading to Perfect North Slopes. I immediately asked what that was, his father replied “Just dress warm” (very vague I know but luckily his mother chimes in) with a very

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