The Russian Hacking Of The Dnc Was An Event Filled With

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The Russian hacking of the DNC was an event filled with a great amount of confusion and skepticism. Many people do believe that the Russians were involved in hacking the DNC, leading to Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election. Other people, however, believe there is insufficient evidence to believe that something like this would occur; even if it did, these same people believed it was necessary because it exposed the faults of the DNC. The two articles that I selected discuss this situation in depth, but they write their stories by using different approaches. Sam Biddle, an author from the website, The Intercept, writes about how the information given to support the claims that the Russians hacked the DNC are not enough. The …show more content…

Their exigence was to clear up any misunderstanding about the Russian hacking and provide enough information to their audience to make their own conclusion. However, they don’t persuade their audience in any way, almost like they were avoiding that. In both articles, they mention that the information provided is inconclusive. Biddle says “Possibly, appears, connects, indicates. It’s impossible (or at least dishonest) to present the evidence for Russian responsibility for hacking the Democrats without using language like this” which indicates that it is extremely difficult to believe that the hackings are true. Calabresi and Rebala provided a quote from the private security firms that say “their open source evidence is not conclusive, but say in the world of cyber-attribution, this is as close as it gets”, implying that even though the information is not conclusive, it is enough to believe the hackings were done by the Russians. Biddle’s article gives reasons for why there isn’t enough information which signifies the difference in the two approaches. These articles are in the political genre and they don’t do much to break away from their genres, but they are different from each other. Typically, in these types of genres, the article is written from a politically biased perspective. If the writer is more conservative, they’ll write with right-winged views; the same thing if it were written from a liberal point of view. With these articles, you can

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