The Safety And Peace Promotion Research

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Sandy Lazarus, who is a part of the Safety and Peace Promotion Research Unit, Institution of social and health science for the University of South Africa and a faculty of education for the University of the Western Cape of South Africa, Larenza Williams, Grant Demas and Anthony V Naidoo are apart of the department of Psychology for Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Fiona J Filander and Basil May, who are apart of the Railton Foundation of South Africa, All came together to collaborate in community-based participatory research project that focused on the community development needs of Railton and to prioritizing the process of those needs. Railton community struggled with pass and present forms of oppression and inequities that sustained their community development with in there community.
Those that participated in this study consisted of eleven members in total, which were two academics with community psychology expertise that guided this process as team leaders, two post graduate students from the university of South Africa, Six young students from the community who were studying at multiple academic institutions, and even the chair person of Railton Foundation. Others in the community where involved in the research by participating in data collection methods used and there feedback.
Qualitative and quantitative methods of research were used in the study done by the CAP research team. “Specific research questions included the following: (1) what are the strengths,…
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