The Sagalassos

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The project for Sagalassos is different because there are two websites. One website is clearly created by the first director Marc Waelkens and is part of Archaeology Magazine and the Archaeological Institute of America’s Interactive Dig promotion. The field notes from 2003-2010 are available, divided into the different types of studies they conducted each season. Small blog posts about the daily life of each week are found on the front page. This website focuses primarily on the Roman artifacts found that date to the empire Hadrian and the Antonine Dynasty. The links to specific finds send the audience to articles published by the Archaeological Institute of America. Innovative at the time, the website includes different maps of the site from…show more content…
Sagalassos is not one of those sites. Not only do they have an abundance of publications, but they are clearly displayed for the public. The Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project website presents multiple publications, but there are also other peer-reviewed publications that are accessible through databases. However, as previously stated, the two project directors have published most of the work. This is something to be cautious about, because there can be multiple ways to view and study archaeological evidence. When one or two people publish the data, little variation is seen in the evidence. This can cause issues within the archaeological record and the way a site or even an entire culture is perceived. Nevertheless, even though Waelkens and Poblome’s names appear on a majority of the publications, countless other authors are given credit in the publications. This combats the sole publications from Waelkens and…show more content…
There are many faults in the projects, but it is impossible for a project to be perfect. Despite its imperfections, the Sagalassos project has accomplished many great feats since its start in 1990. Sagalassos is rich in historical and archaeological data, and the directors and workforce do a great job of discovering, maintaining, and presenting the data to the world. The project has been running for many years now and is still happening today. The site has numerous layers to it, since it was an important town for the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine empires that lasted until the start of the Ottoman empire. The site attracts tourists to it and will continue to do so as long as there are amazing structures and meaningful research
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