The Salem Trials : The Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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What type of people were involved in the trials?
The type of people involved in the trials was the surroundings of the Salem village, puritan religion, but mostly women. Their belief was sacred to both, god and devil. They believed that women were too weak to fight the devil and lose so they become the devil's servant, which is a witch. Puritans also believed in predestination which is having god already knowing it they go to heaven or hell. No matter what life they had, whether good or bad, they will be going to the place god assigns them.

Who are some significant people involved in the trials?
Some significant people involved in the trials are William Griggs, Sarah Good, and Giles Corey. William Phips was the governor and the one who
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Abigail has stated that another woman, Tituba, has been using her witchcraft on her. She was the only one in the town who had color and believed in a different religion who was also a slave. Strangely, out of all the people, Abigail choosed Tituba as the witch. Instead of just hanging her like they would usually, to save her own life, Tituba started to name all different people in the town who are also witches. This got her to stay in jail for the rest of her life, and got the idea of many demon servants in town. If Tituba didn't state any names, it would have ended right there instead of continuing the trials.

What happened during the trials?
During the trials, if someone was identified as a witch or a warlock from the society, they would be taken to court (which is a while wait due to the amounts of people waiting also) to be decided if they are guilty or not. It is easy be be found guilty in this case because they couldn't really prove if someone was a witch or not. They would just say, "She's a witch!", and that would do to prove guilty. If found guilty of accused on being a witch, they were to be hung. If they say they were a witch, they would stay in jail for the rest of their lives because they were being truthful and that's a big part of their religion.

How did the trials end?
The trials ended by the hysteria decreasing the steam as
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