The Salem Witch Trials : Truth Revealed

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The Salem Witch Trials: Truth Revealed For over four centuries, the enigma of what truly happened during the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts has befuddled many professionals in their respective fields. Salem, Massachusetts, before the witch trial conundrum, was a small city with regular stresses, such as strong religious beliefs, a small-pox outbreak, and factions among the townspeople. A rather large portion of the townspeople, which were the local farming families, believed that Salem’s “thriving economy would make [Salem] too individualistic” (Sutter). Besides the fact that the small village of Salem was not as united as it could have been, it was still a very religious village. In fact, due to this strong belief of Puritanism, the village people were strongly against devil— worshiping people. Those individuals with the ability to perform witchcraft were believed to have a pact with the Devil and therefore considered witchcraft a major sin. Puritanism in Salem allowed the practice of witchcraft to entice young girls in wicked witch hunts. The most compelling reason such witch trials became prominent in this era was because of religion. Throughout this time period, many of the religious village people believed in Puritanism, a religion that was created during the late 16th century in order to purify the Church of England. Puritans believe that it is absolutely necessary to be in a pure relationship with God in order to be able to redeem oneself. It is because of the

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