The Scarlet Letter: Analytical Snapshot Seven

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Analytical Snapshot Two Chapter seven of the Scarlet Letter, titled the Leech, is a simple yet fitted title for this chapter. It seems that Hawthorne Intentionally decides to name this chapter the Leech, because the words a entendre. In this chapter Dimmesdale and Chillingworth move in together, in order for Chillingsworth to take care of the ill Dimmesdale. A Leech, in puritan times, meant a physician which is opportune for this chapter since Chillingsworth is a physician, but Chillingworth’s has a ultramotive. Chillingsworth is determined to seek Dimmesdale's secret, and as leeches tend to suck the blood out of their victims Chillingsworth in a sense, is doing the same thing. Hawthorne is able to make such a simple title have

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