The School And Classroom : Understanding The Environment Of A School

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The School and Classroom
Understanding the environment of a school is a very important part of teaching. A teacher should be aware of personal, community and cultural assets of students to meet them at their levels. Knowing what resources are in a community where a school is located and the living conditions your students are in should shape how you teach. The environment in the school is just as important as the environment at home. It needs to be welcoming and engaging for everyone who comes inside. The community that surrounds East View school is varied. There are a few parks and restaurants in the area. A couple restaurants are The Point located inside Good Times and Napoli’s Pizza. There is Indian, Mexican, and Chinese food in this …show more content…

This school was built in 1971 and is beautifully designed. This school currently has a “no wall,” open-concept. This statement can be very intimidating when picturing what it may look like but the flow works wonderfully. As soon as you walk into the school there is color and pictures everywhere which is inviting for students, families and visitors. Starting with the front lobby of the school, there are news articles and pictures of history of the school. This history includes memorials, awards and even the first computers used at East View. On the other side of the lobby there are pictures of East View’s affiliates and them working hands-on with students. Looking down the bright halls you see a wide variety of all the great work the students complete in the classrooms including artwork and writing examples. The faculty and administration working in the school are phenomenal. Each adult one would encounter will go out of his or her way to make sure you are welcomed. As you look into classrooms you see the teachers and students working very hard. Teachers are “digging into” instruction to get students ready for standardized testing with Otis-Lennon School Ability testing in the first and second grade. In third grade, the students will take the New York State’s English Language Arts and Mathematics tests. Doing well on these exams reflect the teacher’s performance just as much as the students. The teachers work to make sure every student does well and is

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