The School Day At Preston High School

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After a schedule change, students and teachers have been having controversy about a four-period and eight-period school day. After two years of the new schedule, although calmed down somewhat, the controversy continues. An eight-period school day (traditional schedule) seems to be far outweighed by a four-period school day (block schedule). A four-period school day provides academic, educational, and emotional benefits when compared to an eight-period school day. A typical eight-period school day would have eight forty-seven minute long classes with a thirty minute lunch and five minutes between each class period, lasting the whole school year (7). A typical four-period school day would have four ninety-two minute long classes with a …show more content…
The next error that is easily made is poor scheduling decisions (7). The first decision that needs careful thought about is the use of a straight block or modified block, in most circumstances, both work well in high schools (6). The straight block is four classes one semester, then four different the next semester. The modified block is three classes that switch to three different the next semester along with two year long classes. When scheduling for the second year and all following years, of block attention must be established to assure that core subject are scheduled for the same semester each year (6). Example: Math I the first semester the first year and Math II the first semester the next year and so on. After all the administrative preparations, there still comes a problem for the teachers effectively implementing the schedule. The administration must make sure that teachers are prepared to teach in the block schedule (7). "Training needs to be provided to the teachers"(6). This is because the schedule will only be as effective as the teachers use it. Absences of students and teachers also need to be kept to a minimum for the schedule to work (6). After all of this falls together the schedule will be used to efficiently improve the school (6). After the new school year starts, the extra classroom time provided by the block schedule will become apparent. The obvious reason that

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