The Science Of Team Building

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Team Synergy to Succeed Aristotle is credited with stating the whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts. This also represents the definition of synergy. Synergy is the unified working of the sum to create something greater than the individual components. For instance a car engine is comprised of an engine block, belts, hoses, spark plugs, and other miscellaneous components. Individually these components are not going to propel a vehicle however when put together and fed some fuel the components create the oomph needed to support transportation. In sports and business the cooperation and collaboration of people in organizations is no different. The people within these groups must be working in a unified manner toward a common set of goals and objectives. This common set of goals and objective provides the end point so that a team of people have the necessary oomph, to achieve outcomes that would otherwise be unattainable by a single individual. The science of team building is an art. The uncontrollable variables are people. Just putting a group of talented individuals together for the sole purpose of goal achievement can be met with disastrous results. It can leave individuals left feeling unfulfilled and lead to costly mistakes in the long run. While team building can be considered an art, there are some methods and approaches that can assist with successful builds. While no approach is full proof, taking time to acclimate oneself with human
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