The Process Of Helping A Work Group

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Chapter one Introduction Team Building is the process of helping a work group become more effective in accomplishing the task and in satisfying the needs of the group member. Team building as it implies, is the process by which differences in organization are ironed out through sectional solutions of misunderstanding within vertical groups and horizontal groups and intra-vertical and horizontal groups of such organizations. The analogue of a football team, hockey team and other teams could be used. A team is a group of players working together to win matches. This end in view is possible if they will work with the "team spirit", good feeling of those members working together, as a team. It is also a group of activities designed to enhance the effective operation of system teams. It may relate to task issues, such as the way things are done, the needed skills to accomplish task, the resources allocations necessary for task accomplishment or it may relate to the nature and quality of the relationship between the team members or between members and the leaders It’s always a good idea for the group to get to know each other before you begin, especially when they will soon begin doing collaborative efforts through team building and the other modules of this program. Some might assume that since the students are all in the same class at the same school that they will already know one another and that perhaps the introduction activities can be skipped. However, we can’t assume
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