The Screening Process of a Tanker

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The screening process of a tanker Introduction Screening process of a tanker involves checking the ship thoroughly before shipment to ensure that it is free from any dangers that might delay the shipment process. The paper covers the vetting process, the procedures of the vetting process, tanker management elements and the Ship Inspection Report Programs. It explains the difference between actual vetting and the entire screening practice in a tanker. Difference between actual vetting inspection and screening process Vetting inspection is simply a part of the overall screening process. Various organizations like, chemical companies, accredited ship inspection-reporting program and accredited chemical distribution program carry out the process (Snaith, 2011). These organizations help to improve safety, security and quality performance of marine transportation and storage. Together, the organizations enhance quality standards in the shipment process. According to Snaith (2011), the organizations offer information on the operation of the vessel and efficiency of operator's management system as input to vetting assessment. Consequently, screening process is the major inspection process that involves inspection of the vessel, issuing of the inspector's report containing the observations, comments, response of the operator and making screening decisions by the individual members of the appropriate system. Screening review process of a ship The screening process involves the
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