The Second Amendment And The Civil War Essay

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The second amendment is a very important thing in U.S. history. Without the second Amendment we would have never had such great things as Bacon 's rebellion, or the Civil war. It all actuality though the second amendment is in our constitution, because we used guns to rebel against the monarchy of England. After that we determined that the ability to own guns was a right, so that people would have the right to rebel incase America became a dictatorship. People still hold value to those laws today.In 2016 it is a different pitcher today, last year there were over 372 mass shootings. We live in a world where I, could go and buy a gun, and point it at a crowd of people and hold down the trigger until enough people are dead. We live in a world of little background checks. We live in a world where people value the second amendment over the natural right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that were taken away from everybody shot. We live in a world where 20 six year olds can get killed and people tell us to not politicize it. We live in a cycle of shooting, grief, no coverage repeat. America is behind in the need to ban assault rifles. People will continue to die unless something is solved. With enough logic, one should be able to come to the conclusion that the right to bear arms, is wrong. My greatest argument for banning guns, is that is has worked in other countries. In Australia once guns were banned, the violence dropped by 50%. A counter to that would be

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