The Second Amendment Essay

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Carter West Mrs. Gisleson Research Skills November 11 , 2016 Gun Control: Aiding in Infringing our constitutional rights “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it” said Thomas Jefferson (insert citation). What would happen to American Citizens if there safety and protection was completely in the hands of Uncle Sam? How could a person live without fear? Gun control has been an issue that has concerned the United States for many years. While the legalizing of gun control specifically about high capacity magazines and assault weapons has only been a forethought, never passing all the way through lawmakers, it is a thought that many people have had, and is definitely a thought people are having as mass shootings are becoming more common. Advocates for these set of laws feel that guns are a threat to society and should be outlawed. There are many important arguments about whether or not guns are an inhumane part of American culture. The first of these is that many people are not in the correct state of mind to make a decision that can end lives. Another argument is that guns should be used to build up our country, to protect it, not to break it down. The third argument against gun control is that the use of guns has become outdated in the protection that our local law enforcement can provide. High capacity ammunition clips and assault weapons should be legal in the United Modern debate on gun control erupted after a series of

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