The Second Central Theme Religion And Exile

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Lastly, both movies demonstrate the second central theme religion and exile as means to control the public. For example, Second Reza Shah wanted to remove religion and place his traditional Persian heritage as founding rule of Iranian people. Removal of religion was mandatory for Second Reza to keep his absolute power within Iran. For example, when Second Reza Shah’s father was in power, he had religious clergy that guided him on action what were needed to be done within the state. When Reza Shah was exiled and his son Mohammad Reza Shah was appointed as the new ruler of Iran by CIA. For this reason, Ayatollah Khomeini used this as his arc to get more people together. Where he expressed that due to foreign intervention the nation is …show more content…

Ayatollah Khomeini was exiled for his oppositions for the reforms and laws that Shah made. Wherefore, the Shah imprisoned and then exiled Khomeini to Iraq then for the last few months of his exile was spent in France. While, in his exile Khomeini followers recorded his speeches and played it in Iran. Appointed Prime Minister (Shahpur Bakhtiar) of the Shah. Bakhtiar used military force to control the public when Khomeini demonstrated his speech in public. At this time, the military lost control of the public and lost legitimacy. Prime Minister Bakhtiar was unable to control the desire of the people, because these people wanted change. Shah at this time in 1979 had already left the country and Bakhtiar also left after losing control of public by military action. For this example, this demonstrated the legitimacy of Khoemini influence in the nation, where he openly spoke against the government. In relation, to Persepolis, Marjane can be viewed as a person for became exiled from her country. For example, as a young girl she spoke her mind and questioned the political rule within her country. As she got older she did the same. However, the new government was just like the Shah where it imprisoned individuals who spoke their minds. For this reason, for keeping Marjane safe, her parents sent her to Paris. In relation, she faced clash of culture within the France, where she did not blend in with the people. She faced constant struggle where she had no income. Importantly she

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