The Secret to the Success of Amazon

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The secret to success of Amazon is they don’t think like a brick and mortar retail store. For example, placing low cost items near a checkout is proven increase sales. Yet distracting online customers during the checkout process increases process increase cart abandonment and decreases conversion (Severt, 2). It is also important not to have other distractions during the online checkout. At the normal store customers need something to keep them waiting in line. Online however, and recommendations or the number of buttons pressed can lead to empting the shopping cart. Amazon was ahead of this when it lunched it’s “Login and pay with Amazon” function. This surly add to the already dominance of e-commerce by Amazon. When a product that is in short supply Amazon lets them know. “While it likely happens subconsciously, the only three left and short supply messages create a sense of urgency and that what you want is a popular product. One other thing Amazon dose is preserve costumer familiarity. This means never has Amazon done a full scale redesign of their website. This can have a decline in sales for up to a year. Instead they roll out upgrades one at a time. Amazon is a different type of online retailer for many reasons. The product range from books to bedding, toys to garden supplies, and anything else you would want. What really sets them apart is again every possible attempt to customize to buying experience. Amazon gets to know the customer with recommends if you have
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